Simmon Bros Omega 120 6x7 1950s Med Format R/F camera, VGC, Working well, Scarce


A lovely Simmon Bros Omega 120.

This is a 1950s era coupled rangefinder camera for 6x7 images on 120 film.

Specified with an Omicron 90mm f3.5 lens (Made by Wollensak) in Rapax 9 speed plus B Shutter.

A quirky but very clever design, It is an uncommon find, and is in very good condition.

Cosmetically it shows signs of light use, no damage, no cracks to any of the bakelite parts.

Functionally, it is working really well. The lens is clean, the finders are good

(r/f is accurate but very slightly "out" vertically)

Focus, film transport etc are all fine.

Interestingly this design became the basis for the Koni Omega Rapid series of cameras

which were a great success, in part due to the novel winding / cocking system pioneered on this camera.

It's a rare camera, in VGC and would be a delight to use, or add to a nice collection

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